About KD

KD© carries numerous different products from manufacturers in many aspects of the Pro AV industry. KD supplies and specialized in signal switchers, splitters, extenders, converters, and accessories that enable audio/ video and HD signals to be easily integrated and optimized to maximize performance, thus allowing installers and integrators to perfectly accomplish their project.
KD’s switchers interface multiple audio/video sources to one or more displays. Users switch between sources conveniently in system integration. Plug-n-Play solutions free you from complex software.   

KD’s splitters distribute two or more audio/video signals to multiple displays from a single source. This allows standard or HD video and/or audio to be viewed on multiple displays at once. KD supplies wide range of distribution solutions from a single split to more complex distributions (even with extension capability).   

KD’s extenders transport standard, HD or even UHD video and/or audio signals up to hundreds of feet from the source. KD provide several methods including transmit/receive via UTP cable or wirelessly. Distance displays, be it wired or wireless are now feasible at your fingertips.   

KD’s innovative line of converters link at vast variety of normally incompatible interfaces and allow analog and digital components to operate with ease in the same system. Some models offer a straight signal conversion while others offer scaling and image refinement capabilities.   

Sometimes, users need to play different sources on different displays at the same time within same system. KD’s matrices are in place to make it happen. KD provides flexible solutions from conventional matrices with extension capability.